Sunday, March 27, 2016

For the Easter Season...

Χριστὸς ανέστη, y'all. Of course, my Greek brothers and sisters won't be saying that till their Easter, on May 1. But it's as true now as it will be then.

Greetings.  I am taking a look back here during the Easter Season to post a song or two - some, my own, and some, not - that reflect the joy of the season.

I wrote this song over fifteen years ago, and recorded this with my friend Ben Lynerd at Holy Trinity Church, Chicago.  It's rough, but I still enjoy Ben's fun improv on the piano.

It's meant to be a conversation between (don't ask how I got this) the gossipy town barber and his customers.  He always has news to share.  This morning, as it turns out, he has some pretty big news...

I would love for you to post some of your favorite songs, hymns and spiritual songs that focus on the celebration of Easter.

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